Our Story

When covid hit in March of 2020,  I decided to really study and meditate the mystery of the Rosary.  Little did I know the Rosary would prepare me and my family for an unforeseen tragedy.  On February 16, 2021, our daughter Cathy was in a tragic skiing accident in Bozeman Montana and didn't make it off the mountain.  Cathy, at 21 was so full of life and really starting to bloom.  The Rosary has given me peace and reinforced my beliefs.  I enjoy the Rosary so much, I decided to make unique and beautiful Rosaries for others to enjoy.  All my Rosary creations are in remembrance and honor of Cathy.  Bridger Bowl in Bozeman Montana has named a run after Cathy - Cathy's Cross.  Thank you for reading a little about me and thinking of Cathy!  Faith can move Mountains - Matthew 17:20. 

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